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3 salves, 2 oils.

5 oils.

5 salves.

2 salves, 2 creams, 1 oil.

1 salve, 4 creams. 


You get the idea.


3 mL samples - 5 per pack. You choose your favorites!  Any combination!


Many of our farm customers wanted to sample the different aromas and textures before committing to the larger 60 mL jars.  


Choose between all 7 CBD salve aromas, 2 SPF CBD creams,  and CBD oil.  25 mg of CBD per salve + cream sample.  75 mg per 3 mL bottle of CBD oil.  If you order oil, you will receive a 1 mL dropper. 


Please send us a message when you place your order so that we know which items you want in your 5-pack sampler. 

CBD Sampler 5-Pack

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