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Sanders Farm hemp from a microscopic view 2 weeks prior to harvest. These trichomes will turn milky white when the hemp is ready to be harvested. This is when the CBD levels are at their prime. 

Sanders Farm hemp hanging in a temperature controlled environment to dry in Fall 2021.



We start by growing our hemp seedlings in April, and allow the long summer days to grow our hemp into prolific bushes, some as tall as 5 feet. Hemp plants require frequent pruning until harvest in the fall, when they are cut down and hung to dry on natural fiber lines in a controlled temperature environment.  Once they are dried, the flower/bud is trimmed off of the branches and is cured in jars to enhance its already robust flavor.  The flower is then taken to the lab for testing. In 2021, our farm produced hemp containing a whopping 19% CBD content!

The process of obtaining the CBD from the hemp plant is similar to the process one would do for getting a great brew of coffee.  On cooking day at the farm, the dried hemp is first ground up. This allows for cooking and brewing uniformity. The hemp is decarboxylated in an oven at 230°F for 40 minutes. This decarboxylation process changes the chemical structure and allows for the CBD to be better received by naturally occurring cannabinoid human cell receptors. After it is roasted in the oven at a low temperature, it is then allowed to brew in MCT oil at a minimum of 3 hours, sometimes longer if farm chores take precedence. The CBD oil is then separated from the hemp pulp through a fine mesh strainer, squeezed by strong farm hands to minimize waste. This is also the point at which we could leave our oil in the sun for one hour and our oil would lose its green tint from the chlorophyll.  We don't know about you, but we here at Sanders Farm enjoy the rich green color of our salves and other products, so we go ahead and just skip that step. The oil is then taken to the lab to ensure proper dosing and that the THC is indeed below the legal limit, which is <.3%.  You can rest assured that you are only feeling the benefits of CBD and nothing more. 


That oil is then funneled into bottles and shipped to our customers in order for them to share all the benefits of CBD. We use this same CBD oil to create our popular salves and facial creams by adding moisturizing butters + SPF agents + aromatherapies that we and our customers have just grown to adore. 


  • BUBBA KUSH - this was the strain used in 100% of our original product. It is robust and smells like earth.

  • REMEDY - this strain was by far the most prolific on the farm in 2021.  Luckily, it smells amazing, and almost has a peppermint smell to it.  Tested at 19% CBD content. 

  • CANADIAN BEAUTY - our most successful strain in fall harvest of 2022. CBD tested a little lower this time at 13%, so dilution had to be altered during the brewing process to ensure our Sanders Farm oil was kept at its standard 25mg/mL. 

  • Our 2022 hemp product quality testing from a professional outside laboratory can be found here

  • Our 2023 hemp product quality testing from a professional outside laboratory can be found here

Baby hemp on Sanders Farm 

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